Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians

Department of Public Safety

Training Bureau/Specialized and Advanced Training

All department staff members have attended several intermediate to advanced schools and/or academies to receive training in various areas specific to their job assignments, duties and responsibilities. Various training institutions, both P.O.S.T., Federal and other certified training facilities are utilized. Examples of specialized training attended by staff members: Dispatch Public Safety Advanced, Crisis Negotiations, Internal Investigations, High Impact Police Leadership, Defensive Tactics training, Traffic Collision Investigation, Domestic Violence, Interview Techniques Advanced, Patrol Response to Active Shooters, Responding to School Violence, Dispatch Advanced, Dispatch Active Shooter, Dispatchers role in Critical Incidents. This list of training is not inclusive, provides an example of the specialized training that staff members have and continue to receive.


Community Policing

The Soboba Department of Public Safety has an established “Community Policing” program. The program is designed to establish positive relationships with our tribal community. To focus on tribal concerns of general issues important to the community and a forum for tribal members who have concerns or issues regarding the Department, its staff and to present their personal and/or private issues. All contacts are considered sensitive and highly confidential. Community Policing creates relationships with the residents of the community, strengthens feelings of safety and elicits cooperation between the residents/membership and the Soboba Department of Public Safety.


Animal Control Program

DPS provides Animal Control services on the reservation. The department has a holding facility (kennels) adhering to accepted standards as set forth by the Ramona Humane Society. The Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians Reservation has a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Ramona Humane Society for the treatment, storage of sick or injured animals. Additionally, The Ramona Humane Society supplies DPS with vouchers to have dogs & cats spayed and neutered.


Lost and Found

The Department of Public Safety serves as the lost and found for the Soboba Reservation. If you have lost an item contact dispatch to inquire if we have the item. If an item is found you can either turn it in at the DPS office, access gate or call dispatch an a officer will be sent to retrieve the item.


Vacation / Extra Patrol Checks

The Department of Public Safety provides an extra patrol service to anyone who requests it. Whether you are away from your home and would like us to check on it in your absence, or you have a particular concern you would like us to check, please fill out the "extra patrol request" on this website under the "Forms" tab, contact DPS and request it over the phone or pick up the form at the access gate or DPS station.