Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians

Department of Public Safety

As first responders while carrying out their duties, DPS Officers will respond to calls for service or on site observation requiring intervention to keep the peace or prevent criminal activity from occurring. DPS Officers are involved in various types of investigations on a daily basis. The nature of these investigations is to evaluate the facts and circumstances that are present and determine if criminal activity/violations have occurred, if the incident is a civil matter, or is there a need for other types of assistance. The circumstances of the contact coupled with the investigation conducted by the DPS department determine the level of response and how a case is resolved. DPS Officers write reports of alleged misconduct, criminal activity, traffic accidents, etc. DPS Officers enforce Tribal Juvenile Curfew Ordinance, The Firearm Control Ordinance, Clean Water Ordinance, and animal control ordinances. DPS staffs stationary posts, provide traffic/crowd control, conduct foot patrols of Government facilities, and provide Public Safety services for special events sponsored by the Tribal Government and/or the Casino when required. DPS Officers are assigned to dignitary protection when tribal officials attend off site functions requiring this level of protection. The Soboba Department of Public Safety has an intensive training program for departmental staff that is continuous in order to provide professional quality service for our community, government officials and property interests.